Anjali writes music.

She started doing so at a young age but didn't share her ideas with other creators until she was 20. Around that time Anjali began to play in various bands in Western Massachusetts which inspired her to start touring as an independent artist. 

Now Anjali is a musician, producer, videographer, dancer, and active member of The Sound Mind Collective, a Brooklyn based music community centered in local creative empowerment which includes a monthly meet up of the Womxn's music forum of which Anjali is a core member.​

Though born and raised in central New Jersey, Anjali has also claimed Western Mass, Southern Spain, and now Brooklyn NYC as her home where she is also a film maker and freelance videographer operating out of her media and arts company Ananda Luna Productions (more info below).

This rising artist has toured in over 15 different countries around the globe mostly as a solo act though is now forming and joing various bands in NY. Anjali Rose has self released one studio recorded EP titled "Marrow" with a former band Ginger Libations and is mixing the ends of a studio recorded album with her collaborator Daniel Gelinas. Her tunes meld folk, rock, soul, jazz, experimental and Indian sonic textures.

You can check out Anjali's first EP "Marrow" with Ginger Libations out now on all streaming platforms. 



Ginger Libations (Western Massachuettts)

Whyzman (NYC/ LA,)

calo (Boston)

Daniel Gelínas (Montreal)

Noah Drielblatt (NYC)

Casey Opal (Western Massachusetts)

Thanya Iyer (Montreal)

Charmie Chandler (NYC)

Wiwul (NYC, Algeria)

Ananda Luna Productions

is the umbrella company under which Anjali operates her creative machine. Since she was 10 Anjali has been filming and editing digital video and after graduating Smith College in 2017 she started freelancing for various employers like

The Eric Carle Museum. This company is a sole proprietorship for Anjali to share music, video, visual art, and manage the finances involved in those pursuits. All music videos available online by Anjali were also edited by her!

Check out Ananda Luna's youtube here -->