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Anjali Rose is a bandleader, film score composer, producer, vocalist / multi instrumentalist based in the mid atlantic, predominantly out of New York City. When not doing music Anjali is making films through "Ananda Luna Productions" as shown below.

Anjali's latest album "The Worlds That Disappear" came out Nov 18th 2022 with the help of independent music label Soulful X Nature. This album was initially recorded in a church turned studio in August of 2019 and has since been over dubbed and sliced together to it's completion. Anjali describes this piece as a homage to grief and home. 

In the spring of 2022 Anjali contributed music to her second film score for the short film "Gabriela" which was sponsored by Netflix and the LA Latino Film Festival, the film has since been showcased in various festivals including Sundance. 


Anjali's debut album"Shadow Works" was independently written, recorded, produced, mastered, and released via cassette in 2021. Shadow Works centers the wistful grace of acoustic guitar and Anjali's chilling voice to craft honest, songs of self exploration, longing, and growth. 

Though born and raised in central New Jersey, Anjali has welcomed Western Massachusetts, Southern Spain, and now Brooklyn NYC as her home where she makes music, videos, and learns. 

Anjali has toured in over 15 different countries and states around mainland Europe, The USA, and parts of Canada.

Ananda Luna Productions

Anjali began filming and editing digital video since 2005. After graduating Smith College in 2017 she started freelancing for various employers like, The Eric Carle Museum, calo, Caroline Davis, and more. 

Check out Ananda Luna Production's youtube here -->

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