Anjali Rose Kumar is a musician, producer, videographer, dancer, and active member of The Sound Mind Collective, a Brooklyn based music community centered in local creative empowerment which includes a the Womxn's music forum of which Anjali is a core member.​

Her latest album "Shadow Works" was independently written, recorded, produced, mothered (mastered) and released initially on Bandcamp in August of 2021 and on all streaming platforms Oct 1st, 2021. It centers the wistful grace of acoustic guitar and Anjali's chilling voice to craft honest, unique songs of grieving and growth. Anjali is now finishing the mix of her second album produced in Studio Chocolat of a church turned recording studio in Quebec Canada with a recluse brainiac named Daniel Gelínas with hopes to release the project on vinyl, casette, and CD in 2022. 

Though born and raised in central New Jersey, Anjali has also claimed Western Massachusetts, Southern Spain, and now Brooklyn NYC as her home where she makes music, music videos, films, and experiences via Ananda Luna Productions (more info below).

Anjali has toured in over 15 different countries and states around mainland Europe, The USA, and parts of Canada. She has

released one studio recorded indie R&B/rock/pop EP titled "Marrow" with a former band Ginger Libations and her 9 track debut album "Shadow Works". Anjali melds neo experimental folk, soul, R&B, Indian, and electronic music.

You can check out Anjali's first EP "Marrow" and debut album "Shadow Works" on all streaming platforms.



Ginger Libations (Western Massachuettts)

Whyzman (NYC/ LA)

calo (Boston)

Daniel Gelínas (Montreal)

Noah Drielblatt (NYC)

Casey Opal (Western Massachusetts)

Thanya Iyer (Montreal)

Charmie Chandler (NYC)

Wiwul (NYC, Algeria)

Ananda Luna Productions

Anjali began filming and editing digital video since 2005. After graduating Smith College in 2017 she started freelancing for various employers like, The Eric Carle Museum, calo, Caroline Davis, and more. 

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